Etsy is Up & Some Actual Updates For Once

The Etsy shop is back up! - and I know, I never post in here anymore, I'm just too busy.

I got a promotion at my job and I've spent much of my time resting or doing various fun things. I am still vending at Luna Coffeehouse, located at 1329 Swift St, North Kansas City, MO 64116, and Monkey Wrench Clothing when they reopen at 312 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO.

I've quit vending at Ugly Glass & Co in the West Bottoms, mainly just because people were more interested in buying furniture instead of jewelry, and Noir Arts & Oddities. There were some issues with Noir - my vending fee kept going up, multiple times, I signed a new contract three times in one year, then they dropped me because they said they were interested in doing wholesale with me. I'm not keen on wholesale because I don't make enough to sell large orders. It's not like me to be negative, but I'm going to say it - as soon as my jewelry was out of their shop, they started using my jewelry designs and ideas in work that they started selling in the shop, probably sourcing it from China, etc. or making it theirselves. The bottom line was, they wanted to cut out the middle man (me) and steal my designs. What gets me is that both Pam and Adam pretended to be my friends until they betrayed me, over jewelry.
The three pieces in this image were ones that Noir Arts and Oddities posted on their website before taking them down after I unfriended them and posted about how I won't be doing business with them anymore. They are direct ripoffs of my jewelry designs.
Stealing someone else's ideas is NOT ACCEPTABLE - especially not someone that trusted you and worked with you to start your business. I'm going to say it like it is - quite frankly, that's messed up! It's terrible business to treat someone that way, and it's terrible to treat someone like that who helped you! I asked Pam to stop selling items like mine and posted pictures, but she threatened me and stated she will not stop selling items like mine, stating that she has to do things she doesn't like to do sometimes to keep her business going. I have stopped speaking to the owners and encourage you to be wary of what they sell in their store. If you are a vendor - seriously consider not doing business with them. If they did that to me, they will be more than happy to do that to you as well.
In other news, I'm adding original art pieces and artwork as well. I will be posting links to my work as I add it to buy online. If you would like to commission a piece, I am also accepting commissions. I charge 50% up front for an original art piece and the rest is due upon completion. Email me at if you are interested in anything. Art was my first baby before jewelry or graphic design ever were, so it feels really good to be getting back into it.

I'm also starting to post various events I'm going to be at during the end of Summer, Fall, and Winter. You can check them out on my events calendar or facebook page as they are posted.

Black Friday Sale & Stawberry Swing's Holiday Swing, December 5th and 6th

We are having a Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sale of 20% off all items at Ugly Glass & Co. which recently moved their location in the West Bottoms to 1219 W 11th St, Kansas City, MO 64101. They are just down the street from Hickory Dickory, and in a much better parking area with a first floor location. My items are on the first floor near the check out now.
The official Facebook event is located here if you would like to check out the other vendors selling their items at Ugly Glass! Ugly Glass & Co. carries locally made products, including home decor, gifts, jewelry, clothing, & art, in addition to vintage items. Check out their website here!
So, I got quite busy with craft shows, Christmas shopping and just in general life-demands (I have a more than full-time job at present moment, on top of designing, sourcing items, making and vending and selling jewelry). I didn't get a chance to write about any of my other craft shows. Fast Eddie's Swap and Show was fun but I didn't get enough people visiting my booth. Gladfest was also fun, but with over twelve hour days vending, I will not be doing it next year due to time constraints and not making enough profit for all of the time I spent. Crafts & Drafts & Belvoir Winery's Sip and Shop were both busy, fun, profitable and very positive experiences, so I will definitely be back again next year! The next show I am doing is Strawberry Swing's Holiday Swing on December 5th and 6th.
Strawberry Swing started several years ago in Kansas City and is one of the most popular craft shows in the Midwest. Full of creatives who are experts at their craft, this indie craft fair is the Midwest’s celebration of the handmade movement. Founded in 2011, The Strawberry Swing has become a Kansas City tradition, with two fairs: The Summer Swing and The Holiday Swing. In 2015, we added the First Annual Spring Swing.

The 4th annual Holiday Swing is December 5th and 6th at the Uptown Theater Shoppes at 3600 Broadway, Kansas City, MO. This location is right across from the Uptown Theater. I will be joining over 85 handmade vendors, and there will be food trucks, a child's craft area, a photo booth, and live music. I will be hanging out some Small Business Saturday items at my booth as well, as American Express (my favorite credit card company due to their wonderful customer service) has supplied me with several swag items to hand out again this year!

The first 100 guests each day to bring children’s books or monetary donations to Strawberry Swing's non-profit partner, The Family Conservancy, will receive a coveted swag bag full of items our fabulous makers have donated. We’ll also have a raffle of vendor’s items for TFC with suggested donations of children’s books or monetary donations, as well as a raffle for Great Plains SPCA, so bring dog or cat food & toys, too! If you would like to check out all of the other fabulous vendors, visit here for more information.
I also wanted to give a big shout out and thank you for all of those who have bought from me during the past four craft shows I've done this year! This is my first year doing more than one craft show, and I have to admit that I was a little scared, a little intimidated, and being an introvert, a little concerned. However, most of the shows I have been to have been filled with wonderful people, who have only fed me love and positive vibes, so I appreciate you all so much! Knowing that people appreciate and love my work only fuels my fire to create - and I expect to try and do a few art pieces over the next year as well!

Etsy Is Temporarily Closed

Hello everyone! I'm currently doing craft shows locally until the beginning of January 2016, so my Etsy shop is closed. In January, I will re-evaluate whether I want to continue using Etsy, because currently it is making me no sales.
Craft Shows:
Fast Eddie's Swap N Show, September 26th, The Kansas City Soapbox Derby Track, 4600 Eastern Ave, Kansas City, MO 64129
Gladfest, October 2nd and 3rd, 7010 Holmes St, Gladstone, MO 64118
The Pitch's Crafts & Drafts, November 7th, Uptown Shopping Center, 36th and Broadway, Kansas City, MO
Belvoir Winery Sip & Shop, Belvoir Winery, 1325 Odd Fellows Road, Libery, MO 64068
Holiday Strawberry Swing, Uptown Shopping Center, 36th & Broadway, Kansas City, MO

Fast Eddie's Artist Swap N Show on September 26th

I am going to be writing a few entries about craft shows I'm going to be in this year!

The first one is Fast Eddie's Swap N Show.  This event starts on September 26th at The Kansas City Soap Box Derby Track at 4600 Eastern Ave. Kansas City, Missouri 64129 and lasts from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.   This Facebook page to RSVP to this event is located here: and you can also RSVP if you are attending to see my jewelry at as well!!  Please feel free to share the event with your friends and family and spread the word around - we want as many people out and about to see us as possible!

This event is a free market place and display opportunity for local artists, makers, and craftspeople. There is no charge for local creators to set up, sell, trade, and display their goods and talents. Painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, leather work, bead work, decorative items; this event is meant to be all inclusive. Come enjoy a fun event that’s meant to get makers together and show spectators and artists alike the rich diversity that Kansas City creators provide and enjoy. There's more info available at if you are interested.

This event is also combined with the No Gas Nationals.  This is a gravity race showcasing home-made coaster and non-motorized vehicles, which gives the builders a chance to ride on a safe, closed course. This is a family friendly outdoor festival that sees participation from several Midwest states.

Both events will be really exciting to go to and are absolutely free!  They should be fun and kid-friendly, and it will be a great way to enjoy an early autumn day.  Check it out and you may find that you really enjoy yourself!

Banana Bob Vintage Jewelry - Art Deco and Art Nouveau for the Modern Age

Today I wanted to talk about one manufacturer's vintage jewelry that I incorporate in my jewelry designs! Banana Bob made incredible jewelry in the mid 1980s for high end department stores such as Macys and Bloomingdales. They are no longer in business and their designs are now in great demand. Their jewelry was of exceptional quality. The now closed company's designer, Ann Venditti, liked to work with high quality glass stones such as Swarovski, and metal stampings from vintage molds to create her pieces. She produced both exact reproductions of antique designs, as well as original pieces that incorporated many styles, especially Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau motifs. I buy Banana Bob whenever I can find it, even though it is getting harder and harder to find, and I attempt to incorporate it in my jewelry as much as possible. It's very difficult to find whole pieces, so I stick to purchasing smaller parts and making them part of my work. Since they are good quality, these pieces will be a bit more expensive ($30.00 and up) than some of my other pieces, but they are still all very reasonably priced! Right now I have many Banana Bob pieces at my booth at Ugly Glass & Co, which is on the 4th floor of Le Fou Flea at 1400 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO in the West Bottoms. I also have Banana Bob pieces at my Etsy shop at

The Importance of Shop Small Saturday

Hi all! I haven't written a blog in a minute and thought I'd share a few thoughts.

As some of you may know, this past Saturday, November 29th, was Shop Small Saturday. I was out participating (maybe a little TOO much!) in Shop Small Saturday out on 39th Street in Kansas City, MO. Shops I visited and purchased from include:
Noir Arts & Oddities - (Shirt for my boyfriend, who loves spooky stuff as much as I do!)
Retro Vixen - (Purchased a cute Fluff makeup bag with pinup mermaids on it)
White Light Books & Crystals - (Various supplies of the incense variety for the home, plus some essential oils for my homemade Febreze)
Prospero's Books - (Checked out the many, many books here.)
Donna's Dress Shop - (Sadly, I've yet to find anything in my size that I'd wear, but there are many, many cute dresses here.)
Aladdin Cafe - (Ate a lovely late lunch of Shawarma, falafel and hummus, and lentil soup.)
I later bought items online from two local Kansas City businesses:
Scarlett Garnet - (They had online sales & I purchased their Saloon Window necklace - I potentially could have purchased one of their beautiful jewelry pieces at Donna's Dress Shop, but, then I saw their online deals.)
Hangups In KC - (They are friends of mine from the Handmade in Kansas City group, and I have been eyeing their key earrings, as small keys are very hard to find, as well as a flute key necklace, because I used to play the flute!)

I chose 39th Street because my friend Pam just opened Noir Arts & Oddities, plus it's an area I don't always get to visit, and there are plenty of great shops and restaurants within walking distance of each other! (I even have some jewelry items in Noir Arts & Oddities now, so if you ever stop in.. check it out!) It's really a great area of Kansas City to visit on any day, but I thought I would support some of the local shops.

Some of you may not be aware of the the importance of Small Business Saturday in your community. The important thing to remember is that, when you live in a community, you support each other, or at least, you should. Your taxpayer dollars go into your local area, and if you have great shops in your local area, you build each other up rather than dragging each other down. Significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers, and farms.

Also, if you happen to love an area shop, in order to keep them in business, it benefits both of you to purchase from that shop. This should be fairly obvious, but some people are too busy to really understand this. Shop diversity also keeps things fun and unique. If we stop shopping at our local retailers, only the big box, name brand stores will be left, and I notice a startling lack of diversity and even boring items in many of these stores. That's why I try to shop in the West Bottoms so much, is because I love what they are doing down there.

Shopping local also reduces environmental impact and provides jobs in your local area. Urban sprawl is reduced by small businesses and many small businesses buy from other small businesses or people, such as area vendors, like myself. Small businesses provide a large number of jobs locally as well.

This article provides more in-depth information on this topic, but overall, I think it's very important to shop local, and Small Business Saturday provides us with a great opportunity to do so. It's also a great reminder of shopping local in the community and helps bring it to light!

Handmade Holiday Boutique - November 22, 2014 at The Myriad House

On November 22, 2014 from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, The Myriad House, located at 4448 Bell Street, Kansas City, MO 64111, will be hosting ten handmade vendors, some of which are members of Handmade in Kansas City! We will have clothing, costumes, jewelry, needlework, vintage items, accessories, mixed media, home decor, and natural jams and jellies! Come keep warm and out our goods while sipping some coffee, and pass along the info to your friends. There will be gift bags with all sorts of goodies for the first fifty visitors, and this will be a really unique and fun event!

The Myriad House is a lovely coffee shop with sandwiches, baked goods, Italian soda and gelato, along with attractive vintage furnishings, decor, and antiques, all housed in a beautiful old Victorian house. It's worth a visit on any day and especially on November 22 this year!

Originally wrote this for Handmade in Kansas City and sharing since I wrote it and want people to know about this event!