Etsy is Up & Some Actual Updates For Once

The Etsy shop is back up! - and I know, I never post in here anymore, I'm just too busy.

I got a promotion at my job and I've spent much of my time resting or doing various fun things. I am still vending at Luna Coffeehouse, located at 1329 Swift St, North Kansas City, MO 64116, and Monkey Wrench Clothing when they reopen at 312 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO.

I've quit vending at Ugly Glass & Co in the West Bottoms, mainly just because people were more interested in buying furniture instead of jewelry, and Noir Arts & Oddities. There were some issues with Noir - my vending fee kept going up, multiple times, I signed a new contract three times in one year, then they dropped me because they said they were interested in doing wholesale with me. I'm not keen on wholesale because I don't make enough to sell large orders. It's not like me to be negative, but I'm going to say it - as soon as my jewelry was out of their shop, they started using my jewelry designs and ideas in work that they started selling in the shop, probably sourcing it from China, etc. or making it theirselves. The bottom line was, they wanted to cut out the middle man (me) and steal my designs. What gets me is that both Pam and Adam pretended to be my friends until they betrayed me, over jewelry.
The three pieces in this image were ones that Noir Arts and Oddities posted on their website before taking them down after I unfriended them and posted about how I won't be doing business with them anymore. They are direct ripoffs of my jewelry designs.
Stealing someone else's ideas is NOT ACCEPTABLE - especially not someone that trusted you and worked with you to start your business. I'm going to say it like it is - quite frankly, that's messed up! It's terrible business to treat someone that way, and it's terrible to treat someone like that who helped you! I asked Pam to stop selling items like mine and posted pictures, but she threatened me and stated she will not stop selling items like mine, stating that she has to do things she doesn't like to do sometimes to keep her business going. I have stopped speaking to the owners and encourage you to be wary of what they sell in their store. If you are a vendor - seriously consider not doing business with them. If they did that to me, they will be more than happy to do that to you as well.
In other news, I'm adding original art pieces and artwork as well. I will be posting links to my work as I add it to buy online. If you would like to commission a piece, I am also accepting commissions. I charge 50% up front for an original art piece and the rest is due upon completion. Email me at if you are interested in anything. Art was my first baby before jewelry or graphic design ever were, so it feels really good to be getting back into it.

I'm also starting to post various events I'm going to be at during the end of Summer, Fall, and Winter. You can check them out on my events calendar or facebook page as they are posted.


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