Fast Eddie's Artist Swap N Show on September 26th

I am going to be writing a few entries about craft shows I'm going to be in this year!

The first one is Fast Eddie's Swap N Show.  This event starts on September 26th at The Kansas City Soap Box Derby Track at 4600 Eastern Ave. Kansas City, Missouri 64129 and lasts from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.   This Facebook page to RSVP to this event is located here: and you can also RSVP if you are attending to see my jewelry at as well!!  Please feel free to share the event with your friends and family and spread the word around - we want as many people out and about to see us as possible!

This event is a free market place and display opportunity for local artists, makers, and craftspeople. There is no charge for local creators to set up, sell, trade, and display their goods and talents. Painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, leather work, bead work, decorative items; this event is meant to be all inclusive. Come enjoy a fun event that’s meant to get makers together and show spectators and artists alike the rich diversity that Kansas City creators provide and enjoy. There's more info available at if you are interested.

This event is also combined with the No Gas Nationals.  This is a gravity race showcasing home-made coaster and non-motorized vehicles, which gives the builders a chance to ride on a safe, closed course. This is a family friendly outdoor festival that sees participation from several Midwest states.

Both events will be really exciting to go to and are absolutely free!  They should be fun and kid-friendly, and it will be a great way to enjoy an early autumn day.  Check it out and you may find that you really enjoy yourself!


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