Just Starting Out

So, I just started my etsy shop - http://www.etsy.com/shop/ivoryisis - about a week or so ago.  I was building on it for about a month before I started posted anything, and thinking about it for about a year before I did anything at all.  I used to sell hemp necklaces, mostly at a local store called It's A Beautiful Day, in downtown Kansas City.  I'd sell my cast-offs and things that didn't sell on the Etsy site, but really people haven't been buying much hemp locally, and I grew bored with it, so I decided I'd come up with some new ideas for the shop.  I'm basically taking a little breather before my head explodes at the moment, because I've been frantically working on the store since inception.

A couple of things I've found out - never, ever put an image in a bottle cap and then glaze over it without some Mod Podge or MicroGlaze over the image, because sometimes the image will run and create a bad looking piece of work.  By bad looking piece of work, I mean you probably won't be able to see this piece of work, and it will look like, well, crap.  Then you'll have to do what I did today, which was take my double boiler that I usually use to make candles (it's a long story, but basically, I've made everything under the sun at one point or another) use the bottom boiler, stick your bottle cap pendants you screwed up on in it, wait until it's very boily, and take the pendants out and scrape out the sealant with a spoon.  Also, burn yourself in the process.  Also, irritate yourself because you could be working on many other things that you really need to be working on.  ;)  At least you now have your usable bottle caps back (waste not, want not) but you've also spent entirely too much time.  You will learn your lesson by doing this, as I guarantee you I have.  ;)

I did at least get several more photos taken today.  I bought a pop-up light box for taking pictures (I love you, eBay) and it has helped immensely with make the photos brighter and easier to edit.  Very cool.

I should probably make some candles for the site, since I have a lot of left over candle wax, I could make soap, because I still have leftover soap (a couple of years ago I started making soap and candles, they did not sell well.. so I still have a bunch of stuff left over, basically).  I think my next project will probably be trying to solder glass pendants, though.  Probably more popular and more fun.  Once I get started on something, I go crazy, so this should be interesting, at least..

Well, I really need to clean the apartment, as it looks like a crazy person lives here ;) so I guess I am going to do that now.  Not as much fun as crafting, but somebody's got to do it, and it sure isn't going to be my boyfriend......

Ta, for now,



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