Crafty Business: Antique Glass Doorknob Jewelry Hanger

Today I finished jewelry hanger I made out of old antique glass doorknobs.
I'm going to tell you how I made it! It was actually pretty easy.

First, I bought three white glass and one lavender glass doorknob off of eBay. You could always look for different colors, but a warning: they are expensive, and very rare. The purple one I bought here was $20.00 by itself, and most sell for around $40.00 to $50.00. I know that is pretty expensive for a door knob, even a glass one, so your best bet is to search for "glass doorknob lot" and see what you find and make do with it. I really, really wanted a lavender doorknob, so I went ahead and shelled out $20.00 for it, since the rest of my expenses were relatively cheap as I got to use some found materials in this piece. I made sure my doorknobs were all around the same size, but all slightly different. The two most similar ones I arranged for the ends of my piece.

I acquired a cast-off 15" long by 5" wide piece of board from my mom in law, and some old off-white paint from her as well. (Jackpot!) I painted the board with the off-white paint, and let is dry overnight. I then painted the piece with some lavender acrylic paint in some spots, and not in others, and wiped over the lavender paint with burlap to make it streaky and distressed. You could also do the distressed technique of first applying Vaseline to some spots and then painting the board, and after you have painted and let is dry, use some sandpaper to rough up the places where you applied the Vaseline previously. This lends the piece a Shabby Chic look, and you don't even have to apply more paint. After this, I painted the edges with purple paint, and streaked it further with a napkin. I may consider using black paint in a Victorian stencil around the edges, but for now, this is what I have.

After I was done painting everything, I made sure and measured a bit with my ruler to make sure the knobs were spaced evenly and in a row. I then glued down the knobs with E6000 industrial strength adhesive (easily acquired at Michael's, or most other craft stores). I made sure I had a place to sit this overnight (my overcrowded dining room/craft table) and let the knobs dry. The next day, everything was ready and I had a pretty cool and unique jewelry or other junk holder!! You can easily make one as well with my instructions, or if you want I can create a custom order for you from my Etsy site if you aren't the crafty type, but like this idea. :)


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