You know you have a crafting problem when..

1. Most of your evenings are spent crafting, photographing items, or working on some strange project.
2. You have to keep making runs to the hardware store to buy various strange items.
3. Your days off consist of photographing stuff you made, posting it on Etsy and making more crafty stuff. (Basically a second job...) If you ever get to do anything, it's for a few hours and then you're right back to it. Also, you don't really mind...
4. You have so many ideas that all of your projects are currently half finished. :D
5. You get an idea in the middle of the night and have to write it down so that you can remember it in the morning...
More to come later. ;)

Crafty Business: Antique Glass Doorknob Jewelry Hanger

Today I finished jewelry hanger I made out of old antique glass doorknobs.
I'm going to tell you how I made it! It was actually pretty easy.

First, I bought three white glass and one lavender glass doorknob off of eBay. You could always look for different colors, but a warning: they are expensive, and very rare. The purple one I bought here was $20.00 by itself, and most sell for around $40.00 to $50.00. I know that is pretty expensive for a door knob, even a glass one, so your best bet is to search for "glass doorknob lot" and see what you find and make do with it. I really, really wanted a lavender doorknob, so I went ahead and shelled out $20.00 for it, since the rest of my expenses were relatively cheap as I got to use some found materials in this piece. I made sure my doorknobs were all around the same size, but all slightly different. The two most similar ones I arranged for the ends of my piece.

I acquired a cast-off 15" long by 5" wide piece of board from my mom in law, and some old off-white paint from her as well. (Jackpot!) I painted the board with the off-white paint, and let is dry overnight. I then painted the piece with some lavender acrylic paint in some spots, and not in others, and wiped over the lavender paint with burlap to make it streaky and distressed. You could also do the distressed technique of first applying Vaseline to some spots and then painting the board, and after you have painted and let is dry, use some sandpaper to rough up the places where you applied the Vaseline previously. This lends the piece a Shabby Chic look, and you don't even have to apply more paint. After this, I painted the edges with purple paint, and streaked it further with a napkin. I may consider using black paint in a Victorian stencil around the edges, but for now, this is what I have.

After I was done painting everything, I made sure and measured a bit with my ruler to make sure the knobs were spaced evenly and in a row. I then glued down the knobs with E6000 industrial strength adhesive (easily acquired at Michael's, or most other craft stores). I made sure I had a place to sit this overnight (my overcrowded dining room/craft table) and let the knobs dry. The next day, everything was ready and I had a pretty cool and unique jewelry or other junk holder!! You can easily make one as well with my instructions, or if you want I can create a custom order for you from my Etsy site if you aren't the crafty type, but like this idea. :)

Soldered Glass Pendants!

So, I finally finished some soldered glass pendants that my friend Lindsey gave to me! She gave me an entire kit for soldering. Honestly it took me awhile to get used to it, but five hours went by very quickly.

Basically, when soldering you take two pieces of glass, and put your two images between the glass. You then line the edges of the glass with copper tape. You heat up your soldering iron, put on your eye protection and get out your flux, which allows your solder to melt onto your copper tape, and spread it over your copper tape where you want the solder to adhere. The technique is difficult at first, but basically you want to make your solder flow like water down your copper tape. You don't necessarily want to touch the tape, in fact, you want to hover over it. Once you're finished, then you have your glass pendant with silver edges, entirely encased.

You can even add patina to the solder to change colors, like copper or even black.

Here's a picture of some of my finished products:

I'm sure I'll get better as I go along, these are a little rough but I think they work!

I Sell on Etsy!

Just Starting Out

So, I just started my etsy shop - - about a week or so ago.  I was building on it for about a month before I started posted anything, and thinking about it for about a year before I did anything at all.  I used to sell hemp necklaces, mostly at a local store called It's A Beautiful Day, in downtown Kansas City.  I'd sell my cast-offs and things that didn't sell on the Etsy site, but really people haven't been buying much hemp locally, and I grew bored with it, so I decided I'd come up with some new ideas for the shop.  I'm basically taking a little breather before my head explodes at the moment, because I've been frantically working on the store since inception.

A couple of things I've found out - never, ever put an image in a bottle cap and then glaze over it without some Mod Podge or MicroGlaze over the image, because sometimes the image will run and create a bad looking piece of work.  By bad looking piece of work, I mean you probably won't be able to see this piece of work, and it will look like, well, crap.  Then you'll have to do what I did today, which was take my double boiler that I usually use to make candles (it's a long story, but basically, I've made everything under the sun at one point or another) use the bottom boiler, stick your bottle cap pendants you screwed up on in it, wait until it's very boily, and take the pendants out and scrape out the sealant with a spoon.  Also, burn yourself in the process.  Also, irritate yourself because you could be working on many other things that you really need to be working on.  ;)  At least you now have your usable bottle caps back (waste not, want not) but you've also spent entirely too much time.  You will learn your lesson by doing this, as I guarantee you I have.  ;)

I did at least get several more photos taken today.  I bought a pop-up light box for taking pictures (I love you, eBay) and it has helped immensely with make the photos brighter and easier to edit.  Very cool.

I should probably make some candles for the site, since I have a lot of left over candle wax, I could make soap, because I still have leftover soap (a couple of years ago I started making soap and candles, they did not sell well.. so I still have a bunch of stuff left over, basically).  I think my next project will probably be trying to solder glass pendants, though.  Probably more popular and more fun.  Once I get started on something, I go crazy, so this should be interesting, at least..

Well, I really need to clean the apartment, as it looks like a crazy person lives here ;) so I guess I am going to do that now.  Not as much fun as crafting, but somebody's got to do it, and it sure isn't going to be my boyfriend......

Ta, for now,